Bystander Training and Conversation of Anti-Asian Hate

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Time: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: Via Zoom

Responding as a Bystander

What’s worse than being targeted with harassment because of your race, sex, religion, color, gender, size, orientation, disability, age, or origin? Being targeted while surrounded by bystanders who see what is happening, but then do nothing.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

At this moment in history, we are witnessing a spike in disrespect, harassment, and hate violence. As bystanders, we need to be especially vigilant and aware of what disrespect, harassment, and hate violence look like in order to be able to stand up and intervene at a time when people need it most.

You can make a choice to actively and visibly take a stand against harassment. The Five D’s are different methods you can use to support someone who’s being harassed, emphasize that harassment is not okay, and demonstrate to people in your life that they too have the power to make our communities and workplaces safer.

Led by Amy Tran-Calhoun & Dr. Aileen Fullchange

Amy Tran-Calhoun is a Racial Equity Coach, Trainer, Consultant. As the daughter of Vietnamese refugees, Amy’s passion for racial justice is fueled by her lived experience. For more than a decade, Amy has dedicated her career to social justice movements including labor organizing, national student organizing, youth  development, and college access. Aware that there is no social justice without racial justice, Amy has been an advocate for and facilitator of racial equity education and practice within every organization she’s joined.

Today, Amy is the Chief of Staff at Diversity Talks, a consulting company that provides
youth-led antiracism professional development for schools, nonprofits, and  businesses.

Amy loves food, comedy, and meaningful connections with people.

Dr. Aileen Fullchange is a Taiwanese-American, multilingual in Spanish and English, licensed psychologist (Texas LP #37995) and Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP).

She received her Ph.D. in Counseling, Clinical & School Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara through a prestigious Doctoral Scholars Fellowship award. She then completed her pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral fellowship at the nonprofit Momentous Institute in Dallas, Texas where she became a staff psychologist and supervisor of doctoral and master’s level psychology students. She has published book chapters, written articles, and presented on social-emotional health, trauma, resilience, race, and identity at the intersection of mental health and education. She has worked with families in numerous capacities since 2005 as a former public school teacher and school leader in Oakland, CA, as a nation-wide educational consultant for Title I schools, and now as a clinical psychologist, founder of Fullchange Therapy, and adjunct professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Dallas.

Dr. Fullchange has a passion for empowering those around her to reach their fullest potentials by guiding them to understand their own strengths and to build individual and collective resilience.

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Bystander Training and Conversation of Anti-Asian Hate